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Our dedicated team works hard, learn and experience every workday to make our life better and industrial processes more efficient with the help of machine vision and artificial intelligence. 

I’ve first started reading about the technologies we represent back in 2010, when both machine learning and AI was still in its embryonic stages. Having been a developer, architect my instinct and wisdom lead me to become a pioneer of these sciences. Years of hard work passed and I can firmly state, that today we are amongst the top developers in this area on stable financing and the largest cumulated knowledge in the European region.  

We are based in the Central European Region, but have been deployed on other continents as well.  

Zoltán Keszthelyi CEO and founder 

Fascinated by developing in the technologies we represent?Fascinated by developing in the technologies we represent?

We know well that the secret to digital is analog, and we are as much as a cool enterprise offline as we are wired.  

Are you a sales/marketing ninja?  

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